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Father Allain Caparas

by Fr. Allain Caparas, Director of Catholic Identity

What Makes Gloucester Catholic, Catholic?

I am always encouraged by the responses of our students when they are asked the question: “What makes Gloucester Catholic, Catholic?” Their responses give us valuable insights on the importance of a Catholic education and how being in Gloucester Catholic has formed them into young Christian men and women. I would like to share with you excerpts from three of the students who submitted their essays on “what makes Gloucester Catholic, Catholic…”

Garret Lugiano, Class of 2018 wrote:

“I came to this school from many miles away, [not] knowing a single soul. However I was soon accepted… new friendships that only ever continue to blossom before me, becoming the boy I never thought I could ever aspire to become… When you walk the halls of Gloucester Catholic, you feel a sense of [acceptance]; you feel a sense of pure belonging… You can feel the legacy, the tradition that has carried this school…”

Julia Brooks, Class of 2016 agreed when she wrote:

“Every student [at Gloucester Catholic] has each other’s back… Going through the process of choosing what high school I wanted to go, [this] heavily swayed my decision [to attend Gloucester Catholic]. [Gloucester Catholic] made me feel comfortable and I knew I wouldn’t have a problem fitting in here as they would all accept me.”

That feeling of acceptance and belonging is one of the strengths of Gloucester Catholic – it is a strength that only comes from our Catholic identity and love for Jesus Christ. Paolo Lee, Class of 2018 summarizes it best when he wrote:

“With daily prayers and [Eucharistic] [A]doration in our chapel… students [learn] the importance of religious devotion and reverence. A church has many meanings and can be defined as a community of believers who share common beliefs. GCHS is like a church because although we are a smaller school, we all share the same powerful school and religious spirit… It is easy to say that Gloucester Catholic is a Catholic school, but it is another thing to show and live [out] this amazing gift…”

Thank you to Garret, Julia, and Paolo for sharing with us their insights! Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed and relaxing summer.

In Christ,

Fr. Allain Caparas

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