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What’s All This Business About “Family?”

One of my favorite interactions this year was with one of our international students in the first semester. He approached me in the hall and remarked that he noticed everyone calls me “Father.” “What’s the deal with that?” he asked. “Well,” I explained, at GC we’re a family, and I’m the spiritual leader of the family, so that’s why I’m called ‘Father.’ I could see the gears turning up in his head, until he finally asked, “Is it okay if I call you ‘Father’, too, even though I’m not Catholic?” “Of course!” I said. “You’re a part of the GC family, too.” He accepted the answer, thought for a beat, and then happily exclaimed, “Daddy!”

At GC we make a big deal out of being a “family” or a second home. This family dynamic was the theme of several of the speeches delivered by the candidates for next year’s student government positions. As one retiring teacher put it, “You have been my family for the last 38 years.” But as the story above shows, it’s also easy to get it a little bit wrong! So what’s the real deal?

Many of our students, I’ve come to realize, experience GC not only as second home, but as their first true home. Some students experience certain dimensions of authentic love and respect for the first time at GC. Others, who may have already experiences these things with their parents, get to see for the first time what it feels like to be part of a larger society built on these principles. The possibility of what such a society can look like is meant to be transformative and catalytic, as we send these students out into the world equipped with a vision founded upon these experiences.

So, on a good day, GC is a group of people bigger than myself, built on principles of love and respect, which in certain respects, is more truly a home than our own homes. It’s a place where we feel fully alive, surrounded by friends and people who love us, and where God surrounds us in all that we do. Sounds a lot like a family to me!


Father Kevin Mohan

GC Director of Catholic Identity


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