Catholic Identity

Rev. Philip Ramos, AM
Director of Catholic Identity

Meet the Newest Member of the GCHS Family!

Father Ramos PixI’m a new member of the Gloucester Catholic Family just this year, after I received my appointment letter from Bishop Dennis Sullivan that I would be a part time Director of Catholic Identity at GCHS, effective July 1, 2019.

This reminds me again about my experience two years ago. I received my assignment from my community, the Disciples of Mary, that they were sending me here to the United States in the Diocese of Camden from my work as Formator in the Seminary in the Philippines. My first assignment here in the Diocese of Camden that was to be Parochial Vicar in Cherry Hill at Christ Our Light. I was very happy about my ministry because people were nice, and they helped me for my adjustment period.

Here again, after two years in southern New Jersey, I was assigned to be here at GC, and I was afraid and nervous after receiving my appointment letter. “What am I going to do at a School?” That was my question. I appreciated the help of others like Bishop Sullivan who said, “Being with them is more important and being visible on the school campus.”

Fr. Allain Caparas told me to just be myself. Fr. Raymond Vijandre, AM told me that I would absolutely enjoy my work at GC. As it turns out, everything they all said was true. The GC Faculty and Staff members, Students, Parents and Alumni are very nice, and they have welcomed me as a new member of the GC Family. As a new member, I always try my best to be involved with all of the different activities in school.

There are times that if I’m at a Wawa for my morning coffee before I go to school, someone will tell me, “Your coffee is free Father because I graduated from GC” or their child is a student at GC. Regardless of the reason, it is always followed with how much they love Gloucester Catholic, and my response is “Yes, I agree, and thank you for the cup of coffee.”

I thought it was never going to be easy for me to work at Catholic School since I’m a foreigner. I was wrong. Let me tell you why. From my experience at Gloucester Catholic High School, it is a very welcoming place for all. All are welcome. I appreciate the help and advice of Mr. Ed Beckett on how I can connect myself with the students. He told me to start with the basics and, “Make sure you have chocolates on your table, try to remember their names and try to support them when they have games.” Yes, even I don’t even know the rules of football, field hockey and other sports. However, the most important thing is I am with them and they know that. I try my best, just like their parents and their teachers, to always support them.

I also want to thank all the teachers for their advice and guidance from the beginning. Msgr. William Hodge the pastor of St. Mary’s Church and Mayor Daniel Spencer in Gloucester City have also been very supportive in the events and religious activities at School.

To all the students, thank you for all your cooperation and willingness to participate in our religious activities at school. My role as Priest here is to encourage everyone to pray. Like I say for those who ask me to watch them while playing basketball in the school Gym, pray first before play, and be like Christ to others.

Rev. Philip Ramos, AM
Director of Catholic Identity