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Service Hour Opportunities Fall 2019

Service Hour Opportunities

Fall 2019

Please find below Service Hour Opportunities from Gloucester Catholic Faculty and Staff for Fall 2019. If you are interested in any of the listings below, contact the faculty or staff member, or email Mrs. Alaina Silber at asilber@gchsrams.org.
Opportunities for Service Hours will be updated daily during early Fall 2019, so check back often.

Date of Listings: September 11, 2019

Vice President for Deptford Girls Softball League (DGSL).  Several GCHS students have been or still are players in our league.  I wanted to reach out and let you know we have several tournaments coming up and we are in need of volunteers on the fields and in the stand.

 So far, we have 3 confirmed weekends in the fall:  9/21 and 9/22, 10/19 and 10/20 and 11/2 and 11/3

Students can provide anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours of service per day.  Hours are normally 8am to 4pm at the latest.

 We are also in need of volunteers for complex clean up, this coming weekend and any weeknight next week.

 For more information on tournament help, students can reach out to Morgan Cox, dgslmorgan@gmail.com

For more information on complex clean up, students can reach out to Mike Carducci.  mikecarducci56@gmail.com

Date of Listings: September 9, 2019 

Cathedral Soup Kitchen Trips (215-530pm). Sign up with Mrs. Silber:
Oct. 3
Nov. 7
Dec. 5
Jan. 9
Feb 6
March 19
April 2
May 7
Service Student needed for ANY period- The job would entail:
Setting up/cleaning up from lab
Contact Mrs. Sandy Rehrig

Date of Listings: September 4, 2019 

Need a service student for period 2 and 6
Contact Mrs. Quinn
Looking for someone to help with lab prep and lab clean up and to assist with filing and organizational tasks. I have my prep during 7th period, but they could also do their service during 1st period. If they are stuck and need a different period I can also have them do service during 2nd and 3rd periods.
Contact Mrs. Amorosi

Date of Listings: September 3, 2019 

St. Mary’s Parish nurses provide services to the elderly in our parish in different ways. We are interested in getting some help from GCHS students.
Contact Nurse Gorman
Need someone during period 1 to fill out state book forms
Contact Mrs. McHenry
Weekly care of courtyard plants and plants around GC (may include weeding)
Contact Mrs. Heins
School Store — home games sales (about 4 hours per game/ 6 games)
Contact Mrs. Heins
School Store
Restocking and inventory  (maybe once a week during Wednesday lunch periods)
Contact Mrs. Heins
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