Virtual and At Home Volunteer Opportunities 2023-2024

Open House PixService Hour Opportunities


1. Sacred Heart School
(option 1) Thanksgiving Crafts- come up with cute Thanksgiving craft ideas to send home with the K-3rd grade students at Sacred Heart School. Think coloring pages, DIY Turkey crafts, pilgrim hats (get creative). Make sure you have all of the included supplies before you donate.

(option 2) Christmas Goody Bags/ Stockings- stuff mini stockings or Christmas themed goody bags with treats and items for the students at Sacred Heart Elementary School.

2. Cathedral Kitchen
(option 1) make turkey or beef bologna and cheese or PB&J sandwiches. Any type of bread is fine (wheat even better if you can get it). Any amount is welcome. Please place each sandwich in a sealed baggie.

(option 2) We appreciate the fruit (apples and/or oranges), snacks (granola bar, trail mix, etc.), bottled water, etc. Please keep the items separate (do not bag in lunch bags).

(option 3) You can also make utensil packets, plastic fork, knife, spoon, napkin (and salt & pepper packets if you can find them) and handi-wipe in a sealed sandwich-size baggie. Any amount is welcome.

(option 4) Donate the following: Winter “stretchy” gloves similar to these, but do not have to be from Amazon:, Small tissue packs, Hand sanitizer (sample size), Handi-wipes (individually wrapped), Masks (prefer double ply with a “pinched” nose for better coverage), unisex winter hats, unisex winter gloves, travel sized body wash, travel sized tissues.

(option 5) Make some Thanksgiving cards for the guests at Cathedral Kitchen for the Thanksgiving holiday-  No glitter, please! Due by mid-November.

3. Catholic Charities Camden

(option 1) We are hosting an event for our Veterans in early November so this will be an amazing thing to give away. We are expecting around 200 people at our event. Please make ‘blessing bags’ for the veterans. Freezer bags or drawstring bags would be best.

In the bags we should have (travel size is best):

Body Wash/ Soap
Hand sanitizer
Shaving Cream
Tooth paste
Feminine Hygiene Products (only needed in some)
Body Lotion
Brush or Comb

(option 2) We need more PPE supplies for students. Can your students collect items from this list and pack them into large plastic bags that we can give to individual students? They can even decorate the plastic bag (if it doesn’t rub off on skin and clothes) or make a card to put inside. Here are things that the students could assemble into the bag:

Hand sanitizer (please no sanitizer that has toxins – none with methanol or 1-propanol in them or made in Mexico)
Wipes to clean school desks
Small packs of tissues

4. UM Communities Adult Rehab Facility
(option 1) make Thanksgiving cards to be handed out to the elderly and long term residents at the facility. These will be handed out during the holiday to lift spirits.
(option 2)  make Christmas cards to be handed out to the elderly and long term residents at the facility. These will be handed out during the holiday to lift spirits.

5. A Light in the Darkness is looking for people to get little small gifts for homeless  in Camden for the Holiday season. They are looking for hand warmers, candy, sweatshirts, sweatpants, bottled sodas/juices, and handmade/store bought cards with inspiring and positive messages. They are donating until Christmas. Contact Mrs. Silber before starting this- drop off donations directly to room 203.