GCHS moved to a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) model during the 2020-2021 school year. This decision was made after viewing the successes and challenges of the distance-learning situation related to the COVID-19 lockdown and years’ worth of parental comments and concerns.

Parents and students may choose the device which they feel will best suit the student’s educational needs while at GCHS. Given the range of possible choices, it is difficult to provide any type of “acceptable” list of devices, but the following may serve as a set of general guidelines:

  • You should choose a relatively modern device, capable of handling Microsoft Office 365 (RamsNet).
  • The device need only be WiFi capable (no cellular required) in order to work while at school, provided that the student connects to our school’s WiFi.


RamsNet is Gloucester Catholic’s implementation of Microsoft Office 365. Each student, teacher and most staff members have RamsNet accounts, which give them access to the full array of software applications contained in this robust suite.

All student-teacher communication occurs through RamsNet, in a protected environment. All live, remote learning occurs through Microsoft Teams meetings.


Gloucester Catholic now uses the Schoology CMS (content management system) for building course materials that are available online for in-person and remote learners. The Schoology CMS is tightly integrated with our SIS (student information system) of choice — PowerSchool. This allows teachers to assign work and assessments in Schoology and have the results of those items fed directly into their PowerTeacher gradebooks.

To access the GCHS Schoology implementation, students would visit: Students would use their RamsNet credentials to log in to the site.


GCHS now utilizes an electronic hall pass system called E-Hallpass. This system provides a convenient, contactless hall pass system and allows us the ability to create reports based on the data collected. Passes can be limited by student, location, etc. This improves our building security, as well as aids in contact tracing, if needed. Students use their RamsNet credentials to log in to the site.