Junior High

Gloucester Catholic Junior High School: A New Tradition!

The Gloucester Catholic Junior High was established in 2011 as an immediate response to the closing of Saint Mary School in June, 2011. As a number of Catholic Grammar Schools have been closed, the administration of Gloucester Catholic High School has endeavored to provide an alternative for those affected by these closures and other students who desire a Catholic education at the junior high level.

The Gloucester Catholic Junior Senior High School campus includes the former Saint Mary School building which serves as home for junior high classes. The students experience an education in the Gloucester Catholic tradition of excellence in an environment that promotes and encourages all aspects of students’ development.

The junior high presents an opportunity for students to become familiar with Gloucester Catholic, assisting them in the transition to high school. The curriculum of the Camden Dioceses is followed and enhanced by activities which encourage the use of skills and talents. Students participate in the Catholic Daughters of America Educational Contest and the Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee. Students have an opportunity to represent Gloucester Catholic in the Annual Teen Arts Festival. Service is promoted through participation directed activities such as preparing bagged lunches for distribution by the Saint Vincent DePaul Society and the Cathedral Kitchen. Project Sweet Pea is a volunteer program that reaches families of premature babies providing support through prayer and student made craft items.

The students are encouraged to participate in the annual spring show; to join the choir; to serve as altar servers, lectors, or gift bearers as members of the Liturgy Club; and to contribute to the school newspaper. Participation in the various athletic teams is encouraged. Trips are planned annually to promote vocation awareness and to enhance the curriculum.

In addition, activities are scheduled to provide for all junior high students to socialize through bowling and skating nights held at local venues, Baseball in Education, and socials held at school. The eighth grade year culminates with a special dance, a class trip, an awards breakfast, and Baccalaureate Mass.

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