U.S. Senate and House Pass COVID-19 Relief Measure; Private Schools Eligible for Aid!

Capitol Building


The United States Senate and House of Representatives approved a $2 trillion coronavirus relief package in late March 2020 that includes $13.5 billion for K-12 schools. Thanks in no small part to your advocacy, private schools are eligible for this aid.
The Bill includes private schools, and that is good news. Thank you very much for your responsiveness.


The Diocese of Camden has alerted Gloucester Catholic to contact our NJ Senators to secure COVID-19 relief aid to Catholic Schools. The Senate is currently finalizing legislation concerning economic relief for all of us affected by the COVID-19 virus.

Please use CAPE’s Legislative Action Center (see below) to urge senators to make sure that private schools are not excluded from Congress’ COVID-19 relief package.

Click here to reach the Legislative Action Center