• Believe


    Gloucester Catholic students believe in the values of their Christian faith.

  • Knowledge


    Gloucester Catholic provides students with the knowledge needed for life.

  • Faith


    Gloucester Catholic students practice their faith.

  • Loyalty


    Gloucester Catholic students remain loyal to God, their school, and one other. Once a Ram; always a Ram!


VIDEO: Experience the Gloucester Catholic Difference!

If you are considering attending Gloucester Catholic, please click on the video below to learn how a GC education makes a difference! Hear directly from some of our Class of 2017 graduates who received scholarship assistance en route to fulfilling their academic and spiritual goals. For additional information or to set up a visit to the school for your son or daughter, contact Admissions Director Tom Flynn at tflynn@gchsrams.org.

Become a Ram for a Day at Gloucester Catholic!

VIDEO: The Gloucester Catholic Experience From the Student Perspectives

Grab a view of Gloucester Catholic from our students' perspective by clicking on the video below! This video was 100 percent created, directed and produced by our GC students! For additional information or to set up a visit to the school for your son or daughter, contact Admissions Director Tom Flynn at tflynn@gchsrams.org.

Gloucester Catholic Helps Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Bishop Galante’s Consecration

Gloucester Catholic faculty and students attended the 25th Anniversary mass celebrating Bishop Joseph Galante's consecration on Sunday, December 10th at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Camden. A true friend of Gloucester Catholic, Bishop Galante served as Bishop of the Diocese of Camden from 2004 to 2013. Aside from a large contingent of current students in attendance, Gloucester Catholic was represented by Principal Ed Beckett '78; Mr. Pat Beckett '85; and Sr. Jerilyn Einstein '76, Principal of Guardian Angels Regional School.

Apply to Gloucester Catholic Online!

You may now apply to Gloucester Catholic Junior Senior High School online! For the online application, select the "Apply Online" button on the left side of this home page. A traditional paper copy (PDF) application is also available on the left side of this home page.

GCHS Students Have Access to More Affordable College Credits!

Gloucester Catholic Students Have access to more affordable College Credits at RCGC and Rowan University. Learn how by clicking on the logo below.

Registration Information: Become Part of the Ram Tradition!

Gloucester Catholic Junior Senior High School is currently accepting applications for those families wishing to enroll students in Grades 7-11 for the 2017-2018 school year.

An online application may be found on this website. Go to “Apply to Gloucester Catholic” on the left side of the website. A paper application is also available. Click on the GC Applications link and download the form.

Any student wishing to "Become a Ram for a Day" is welcome to contact the school to set up a personal visit. For additional information, please call Mr. Tom Flynn, Admissions, at (856) 456-4400, Ext. 228.

We welcome you to become part of the Ram Tradition here at Gloucester Catholic, and we look forward to you joining our family!

Gloucester Catholic High School’s Mission

Gloucester Catholic High School empowers young men and women to become faithful citizens and to develop in all aspects of life: spiritual, intellectual, moral, emotional, social and physical.

Our goal is that our graduates continue their education and carry with them a guide for Catholic Christian living: vibrant faith, respect for human dignity, strong belief in the values of family, promotion of justice, service to community and country, and the desire to make a positive difference in society.

Gloucester Catholic High School is enriched by a legacy of Catholic tradition spanning four generations. We draw strength and inspiration from our past as we make an exceptional Catholic education available and accessible to our future leaders.

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