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    Gloucester Catholic students believe in the values of their Christian faith.

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    Gloucester Catholic provides students with the knowledge needed for life.

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    Gloucester Catholic students practice their faith.

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    Gloucester Catholic students remain loyal to God, their school, and one other. Once a Ram; always a Ram!


You Voice Matters! Call for Action for Non-Public School Funding in Economic Stimulus Package

You may have heard that Congress is presently working on the fourth phase of federal economic stimulus relief. It is imperative that every family who has children in our diocese contacts their elected officials in Washington asking for their assistance in providing additional funds for nonpublic school students. Parents can use the Voter Voice System set up by the NJ Catholic Conference. This is a very quick and easy way to get your message out to legislators. Click on photo below for more information on how you can become involved and make a difference!

Join the Gloucester Catholic Family: Register Now for the 2020-21 School Year!

A Message from The Gloucester Catholic Staff to Our Students (Click Image Below)

Update on Gloucester Catholic Distance Learning (Click Image Below)

Governor Murphy has extended school closures through the end of June. Please see this important message (click image below) from the Bishop's office concerning schools in the Diocese of Camden. Distance learning at Gloucester Catholic will continue through the end of the current school year. Please continue to keep GC and all those affected by COVID-19 in your prayers

Gloucester Catholic Announces Distance Learning Plan — March 16

Here is the information distributed to parents on March 16, 2020 concerning our plan for distance learning. Letter to Parents – Distance Learning Plan – March 16

Click on the post below (See What's New at GC!) for additional information.

Matt Murphy and Ethan Guldin to Continue Education at U.S. Naval Academy!

The Class of 2020 will have two members continuing their education next year at the U.S. Naval Academy. Congratulations goes out to Matthew Murphy and Ethan Guldin! Click on photo below for additional details.

What’s New at GC!

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