Pick up during the school day (early dismissals) will be granted for legitimate reason at the discretion of the Principal (or his/her designee in the absence of the Principal). Legitimate reasons include academic or personal business that CANNOT be conducted during non-school hours. Appointments with physicians, dentists, and other professionals should be made for after school hours. A student will be considered absent 1/2 day if present less than five (5) class periods. Request for an early dismissal requires 24 hour notice and MUST be made in writing by the parent/guardian and state the reason for the request. This note must be presented to the main office at least 24 hours prior to the day of the early dismissal. In case of a last-minute appointment that the parent has been unable to arrange after school hours, a note is still required and must be presented to the office first thing in the morning, along with a form from the doctor verifying the appointment. ****Note can also be emailed to dheins@gchsrams.org or kdriscoll@gchsrams.org ***** Except in the case of a family emergency, request by phone will NOT be honored. Complete policy can be found on pages 51-52 of Student Handbook.