Why Give



1. There is power within the Gloucester Catholic community!

  • At Gloucester Catholic, every gift, no matter the amount, has an impact. We measure our success by the number of alumni, parents, and friends who stand up and do their part to support the 500+ students and faculty who walk our halls and fill our classrooms.

2. Knowledge, Faith and Loyalty are values worth supporting!

  • In 1926, Gloucester Catholic began with the values of knowledge, faith and loyalty as central educational themes. Some 90-years later, these values are still lived, taught and encourage by our school leaders and teachers.

3. You will make a difference in the lives of many young men and women by providing them the means to attend Gloucester Catholic! 

  • The number of families with the ability to pay the full tuition is diminishing as the disparity between family income and tuition costs is becoming more pronounced.

4. Our graduates continue to be accepted at some of the most prestigious universities in the nation! 

  • While retaining its small school intimacy and faith-based values education, Gloucester Catholic continues to offer a rigorous academic program. Our students are currently studying at some of the nation’s finest schools, including Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, Boston College, Villanova University and George Washington University among others.

5. The numbers prove Gloucester Catholic is worth it!

  • 20+ Advanced Placement & Honors Course offered!
  • 15:1 Student-Teacher Ratio – Everyone knows your name at Gloucester Catholic!
  • Students perform 10,000+ hours of community service annually!
  • 95% of Gloucester Catholic go on to continue their education!
  • Over 8,000 alumni who carry the Ram spirit forward!