How to Donate


Your donation is very important.  Every donation makes a difference.  Your support of Gloucester Catholic impacts all the students and faculty who walk the halls of the School every day.  A donation is an investment in the lives of our students.  These students will be our future leaders.  We are thankful and grateful for all donations made.  Donations are considered deductions for income tax purposes.

The many ways you can donate follow:

  1. Donate Through Venmo
  1. Donate Online
    Go to the Gloucester Catholic website and click on the Donate Online link.  The process is simple and done through a secure server.  Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted.


  2. Donate By Mail
    Make your check payable to “Gloucester Catholic” and mail to:
    Gloucester Catholic
    Office of Development
    333 Ridgeway Street
    Gloucester City, NJ 08030
  3. Donate BY Phone
    Call us at (856) 456-4400, Extension 218 and donate by credit card.  Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted.  This is a secure process.
  1. Double Or Triple Your Donation
    Many employers sponsor Corporate Matching Gifts for their employees and retirees.  This is an easy and great way to increase the impact of your donation.  Donations by a spouse may also be matched.  The Office of Development will help coordinate your Corporate Matching Gifts.
  2. Make An In-Kind Donation
    Gloucester Catholic is always in need of new and used electronic items, office equipment, stationary, etc. 
  3. Donate Securities
    You can donate shares of stock, bonds or other securities.  For securities held for one year or more, the donation amount is based on the appreciated value of the securities donated, which may provide certain tax benefits. 
  1. Donate From Your Individual Retirement Account
     If you are age 70 1/2 or older, donations may be made from your Individual Retirement Account as Qualified Minimum Distributions.  These donations are not considered taxable distributions.
  2. Consider Planned Giving
     Gloucester Catholic may be included in your estate plans by naming the School as a beneficiary in your wills and trusts.  All alumni, parents and friends who make a Planned Gift become lifetime members in the Ram Legacy Society.