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Staff Directory

Name Role Email Addresss Phone extension
Ann Barron Guidance-Administrative Assistant abarron@gchsrams.org 220
Ed Beckett Principal; Teacher ebeckett@gchsrams.org 214
Pat Beckett Social Studies Dept Chair; Student Council Moderator; Senior Trip Coordinator; Teacher pbeckett@gchsrams.org NA
James Bloss Teacher jbloss@gchsrams.org NA
Cara Buckland Director of Guidance; Teacher cbuckland@gchsrams.org 222
Fr. Allain Caparas Director of Catholic Identity; Rel Dept Chair; Teacher acaparas@gchsrams.org 232
Joan Chalmers Teacher jchalmers@gchsrams.org NA
Ian Chrzanowski Teacher ichrzanowski@gchsrams.org NA
Kathy Coghlan Assistant Director of Development kcoghlan@gchsrams.org 223
John Colman Head of School No email addresss 226
Jennifer Cush Teacher jcush@gchsrams.org NA
Julie DeStefano Accountant jdestefano@gchsrams.org 213
Caroline Dougherty SAC cdougherty@gchsrams.org 237
Mike Dougherty Transportation mdougherty@gchsrams.org NA
Diana Flynn Language Dept Chair; Teacher dflynn@gchsrams.org NA
Tom Flynn Admissions Coordinator; Teacher tflynn@gchsrams.org 228
Eric Gendron Teacher egendron@gchsrams.org NA
Patti Gilliard Guidance-Administrative Assistant pgilliard@gchsrams.org 215
Bill Glassman Maintenance Director wglassman@gchsrams.org 225
Shannon Gorman Nurse sgorman@gchsrams.org 224
Megan Heeder Teacher mheeder@gchsrams.org NA
Deacon Kevin Heil Teacher kheil@gchsrams.org NA
Anne Heim Math Dept Chair; Teacher aheim@gchsrams.org NA
Pat Hines Teacher phines@gchsrams.org NA
Tom Iacovone JH & Boys’ Discipline; Teacher tiacovone@gchsrams.org NA
Pat Jackson Receptionist pjackson@gchsrams.org 210
Mary Kelly Junior High Lead Teacher mkelly@gchsrams.org 274
Rob Langi JH Teacher rlangi@gchsrams.org NA
Wayne Lelle JH Teacher wlelle@gchsrams.org NA
Pam Leonhardt Teacher pleonhardt@gchsrams.org NA
Beth Maguire-Quinn Credit Completion Coordinator; Teacher bquinn@gchsrams.org NA
Sr. Angela Mastrangelo Guidance Counselor; Special Services Coordinator amastrangelo@gchsrams.org 221
Julie McHenry Teacher jmchenry@gchsrams.org NA
Chris McKenna Librarian; Yearbook Coordinator; Teacher cmckenna@gchsrams.org NA
Mary Mills Teacher mmills@gchsrams.org NA
Maureen Morgan Teacher mmorgan@gchsrams.org NA
Pat Murphy Athletic Director; Director of Alumni Relations; Business Dept Chair; Teacher pmurphy@gchsrams.org 219
Winnie Murphy JH Teacher wmurphy@gchsrams.org NA
Bob Nark Science Dept Chair; Teacher rnark@gchsrams.org NA
Gus Ostrum Director of Institutional Advancement gostrum@gchsrams.org 218
Elizabeth Peck Teacher epeck@gchsrams.org NA
Todd Powers Guidance Counselor; Assistant Admissions Coordinator for International Students toddpowers@gchsrams.org 227
Sharon Previtera Tuition and Financial Aid sprevitera@gchsrams.org 211
Antoinette Reed Teacher areed@gchsrams.org NA
Tom Reed Director of Curriculum & Technology; Middle States Internal Coordinator; Teacher treed@gchsrams.org 230
Sandy Rehrig Teacher srehrig@gchsrams.org NA
Mary Ryder Teacher; Newspaper coordinator mryder@gchsrams.org NA
Daniel Satterfield Service Coordinator; Teacher dsatterfield@gchsrams.org NA
Mary Ann Saunders Assistant Principal for Discipline; Teacher msaunders@gchsrams.org 217
Dave Sipple Fine & Practical Arts Dept. Chair; Teacher dsipple@gchsrams.org NA
Terese Skelly Teacher tskelly@gchsrams.org NA
Lenora Vizzini Teacher lvizzini@gchsrams.org NA
Emily Wehrle Teacher ewehrle@gchsrams.org NA
Veronica Yates Receptionist vyates@gchsrams.org 210
Sharon Zuccarelli English Dept. Chair; Teacher szuccarelli@gchsrams.org NA
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