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This weekend marks our third College Admissions webinar on “Academics and Standardized Testing” this Saturday, November 20 at 7 pm ET.

We will be joined by Patrick Tapia, who will discuss standardized testing, study tips, and choosing classes. Mr. Tapia will cover how to excel in the college application components under your control. Join us to learn tips that help you stand out from the applicant pool!

The Fall Webinar Series gives high school students the amazing opportunity to work alongside Harvard undergraduates. We are excited to teach you what we know about journalism and college admissions! As a reminder, the series will run from September 18 to December 11.

Students will be able to learn from industry professionals and accomplished college journalists as they prepare for their transition to university. Each one-hour webinar will start with 30 minutes of workshop and then conclude with a Q&A where students may engage with our guest speakers and Crimson Editors. Don’t miss out on this exciting free opportunity!
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This Saturday…
Academics and Standardized Testing 
Saturday, November 20 at 7PM ET– Online 
This week we will be joined by Patrick Tapia! Mr.Tapia has a Master’s in Education from Harvard and previously worked as a Harvard alumni interviewer. He is now a counselor for HS2 Academy, where specializes in helping students get into their top choice colleges.

In this webinar, students will get the inside scoop on college admissions. Mr. Tapia will discuss and provide examples for rigorous course schedules, competitive test scores, and helpful study tips. We will dive deep into accepted students’ stats and help you better understand this component of the college admissions process. 

College Admissions Webinar Series Remaining Schedule
November 20 – Academics and Standardized Testing

December 11 – Extracurriculars, Awards, and Competitions
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The Politicization of Journalism in an Era of Fake News
Saturday, December 4 at 11AM ET– Online 
Join us for our final Journalism Webinar on Saturday, December 4! In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of journalism in today’s society and its role in politics. We will also be covering “fake news” and how it has impacted the media. Come learn about these key concepts that affect our everyday lives! 
Journalism Webinar Series
Remaining Schedule

December 4 – The Politicization of Journalism in an Era of Fake News
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Chelsea Xia The Harvard Crimson Journalism Webinar Series Director