Feast of All Souls in November: Please Send Us Your Names for Remembrance

All Souls GraphicDear GC Alumni/ Benefactors/Friends/Guardians/Parents/Staff/ Students/Teachers:

In the Catholic Church, the month of November has traditionally been dedicated to pray for the dead. The book of Maccabees reminds us that “it is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead.”

As One Gloucester Catholic Family we would like to remember all of our beloved dead in our school prayers and Masses during the month of November. The names of your loved ones will be placed on the altar as a remembrance.

We invite you to send any names you would like to be included in the same Masses, prayers and devotions during November. Please send your intentions to pramos@gchsrams.org to be included in our remembrance.

Thank you and God bless

Fr. Philip Ramos, AM
GC Director of Catholic Identity

Mr. Ed Beckett
GC Principal

Send Your Intentions
to be included in our remembrance to: