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  • Distance Learning Plan – March 16

    Distance Learning Plan – March 16

    Here is the information distributed to parents on March 16, 2020 concerning our plan for distance learning. Parent Letter Teacher Virtual Office Hours

  • Semester Exams

    Semester exams will take place on the following days/times: Homeroom occurs each day at 7:55 am. Tuesday, January 21: 1st Exam – Math (8:15 – 9:30) 2nd Exam – Lanugage/Journalism/Sports Marketing/Java (9:50 – 11:20) Wednesday, […]

  • New Tablet Purchases

    If you are looking to purchase a tablet, you can do so using the following link. This link will take you to our vendor’s official site, where you can purchase your choice of two approved […]

  • Digital Book Purchase – Virtual Bookstore

    Many parents have asked about digital purchases from the Follett Virtual Bookstore. You should be able to purchase the digital versions of any books in our Virtual Bookstore that say “digital”. You should then receive […]

  • How can I learn more about using the GCHS PowerSchool Parent Portal?

    To learn more about the Gloucester Catholic PowerSchool Parent Portal, you can download and read this pdf document: A Brief Introduction to GCHS’s PowerSchool Parent Portal

  • How do I choose my classes in PowerSchool?

    Here is a short video on how to choose your courses in PowerSchool.

  • Welcome to our new site!

    Welcome to the newest look for Gloucester Catholic’s website. We are striving to provide you with a┬ámore dynamic, vibrant on-line experience; one that rivals the truly dynamic experience that one gets while walking our halls.

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